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Facebook’s Contradicting Privacy Policy Explained For Beginners

The social media giant has again updated its privacy policy that explains what sort of information that Facebook used to collect from its users. The new update to its Privacy Policy sparks outrage among the privacy concerned users. Facebook tried to calm its users, including me, by introducing a Privacy Checkup kind of tool “Privacy Basics” with bunch of how to articles and guides.facebook-privacy

If you still can’t understand the hype on the new update, here are the five major, easy to understand points you should know about Facebook data and privacy policies.

Tracks Every Activities Online:

Facebook stores all sorts of information regarding your activities and this records what sort of information that you were engaging on the internet.

More Location Data:

With new privacy policy, Facebook can also collect your current location using Wi-Fi signals and also via using Bluetooth signals. Facebook also collects your location information from the photos that you were sharing in the Facebook site. This will be a quite different one while comparing to the previous privacy policies. Previously the policies state that the information can be obtained from GPS information only, whereas the new one is quite different from an older one.

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Collects Data Beyond The Social Network:

Facebook collects information about your account activities and it also monitors your activities beyond your account. For instance, if you were logged into your account and start to surf various websites in your personal  computer, then Facebook will also receive information regarding it.

More Targeted Ads:

Until you turn out the Facebook advertisement, the ads will appear in your Facebook account. Suppose, if you were visiting a website for a product, that stores cookies. Then, if you were using Facebook, then those cookies were used to show the ad regarding the same product.

Facebook Turns Online Store:

Facebook is testing various tools that improve their revenues and in the meanwhile Facebook developing ‘Buy’ feature. Using this feature might allows Facebook to store your personal information that includes credit card number and other billing information.

You can check out the Facebook recent privacy policy by clicking over here.

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