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Sony PlayStation Vue has a bright future, if properly marketed

Sony has announced PlayStation Vue, a cloud-based streaming service for consoles and other non-Sony devices in the US. Initially, the service will be available to PlayStation Plus members in New York, US and will be expanded to other cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Analysts and experts believe that unlike Verizon’s Redbox Instant, Sony’s cloud TV has a bright future, if the company executes the marketing and availability properly.sony-playstation-vue-main-menu

PlayStation Vue will be launched with a package of 75 channels including broadcast and local channels. Users will be able to save shows to cloud for 28 days  and on-demand content will be made available. Gamers can view shows from CBS, Fox, Discovery Communications and Viacom without long-term contracts. President and CEO Andrew House of Sony Computer Entertainment stated that the company is in talks with content partners more bringing in more channels.

“PlayStation Vue reinvents the traditional viewing experience so your programming effortlessly finds you,” said House.

The service displays latest content using search feature which is categorized on what’s popular, new and trending.users can filter and search for on-demand programming based on length, genre, popularity and much more. About 500 shows can be stored in the cloud without any storage limit and users will just need to ‘favorite’ any one episode of a show that will save the whole show for a period of 28 days for watching it later.

Vue is being offered on a monthly basis and there will not be any extra fees for installation. The service will be made available for iOS and other devices in the coming days. The pricing model of the streaming service has not been revealed yet and will be offered as an invite-only beta for PS3 and PS4 PlayStation Plus users this month. Leading console makers like Nintendo with Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One are also competing with each other to make the devices a part of home entertainment. Nintendo’s TVii for Wii U aims to improve TV viewing experience for satellite and cable consumers.

Earlier in October, Sony launched its $100 PlayStation TV. The Japanese electronic giant has put everything in a micro gaming console, which can easily bring you the playing experience you crave. The Playstation TV is the most inexpensive way to play games and stream other media for entertainment at home. The console connects to the TV and allows you to play Playstation games.

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