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Microsoft launches web-based Skype for video and voice calling

Microsoft announced on Friday that the company will launch a new of Skype, which will allow the users to use it from the browsers. Skype is one of the leading applications used by individuals for various purposes like Video conferencing, video chat, voice chats, etc.. This cross platform video conferencing application has been in great demand over the period and thus, Microsoft has decided to add a new dimension to it. What this means that you will not be required to download anything from the internet to use Skype.microsoft-skype-web-app

The announcement made on Friday marks the onset of a new era of video chatting and conferencing, according to a Microsoft official. The new version of Skype is still in the beta stage. The new version of the application will be as simple as it has been over the year. According to the announcement, the new version will allow the users to go through general instant messaging as well as video and voice chat directly via the web browser.

All the users will have to do is log into their existing accounts at Skype’s website using the web browser that they want to use for conferencing purposes. In order to have voice and video chats, the users will have to go one step ahead and install the new Skype plugin for the browser.

According to the statement released by Microsoft, the web version of Skype will be much easier to use. The current version of Skype has a few glitches which have been taken care of in the new version. In addition, Microsoft claims that the speed of connection will also be much better with the web-based version of Skype, which means that there will be less lags while having a video or voice chat with your friends and colleagues.

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