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Facebook to curb ‘overly promotional’ posts, to show more ads

Facebook on Friday announced that it would reduce the visibility of promotional posts created by businesses. The new policy is a response to the number of user requests demanding lesser promotional posts and will come into effect by Jan. 2015.Facebook-3

Businesses which were working hard in gaining likes in commercial posts will now have the only option of purchasing ads from Facebook or their posts will not reach the audience. By early 2015, users will see lesser posts like buying products, sweepstakes, or downloading applications. The social-media site stated that it was their aim to show people the things they want to see.

“People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and pages they care about, and less promotional content,” said Facebook.

Facebook also studied that “liked” posts were getting more attention than commercial posts from businesses. The site does not have control over promotional posts like in the way the site was able to understand and study what the users see. The company felt that promoted ads were being filtered by users in order to view videos, news stories and updates from friends.

The company basically wants to encourage purchase of ads and stated that the aim was not to increase ad revenue, but to increase user experience including long-term benefit to advertisers. In the recent weeks, the company has been focussing on bringing changes to the social-networking site based on the feedback of users. The company reported an increase in ad revenue by 64 percent, which rose to $2.96 billion in the third quarter and ad prices rose by 274 percent.

Along with the latest tweaks, Facebook changes its data policies which mention that user data, including location will be used to target ads inside and outside the site. Though the company claims to improve its transparency in a bid to gain the trust of users, it does use a massive user data for generating revenue.

Facebook had quite a few issues with privacy policies. This social networking site is the one who allows its users a privacy like none other, but does not allow the users to hide data from Facebook itself. The contradiction is that on one hand, you allow the users to choose, who will see their images, status updates, etcand on the other hand, you take a look at everything.

To make its users control their own privacy in the social network, Facebook launched Privacy Basics, a dedicated privacy page for that advise users with tips to set up the right privacy settings for Facebook profiles.

More Control Over Facebook Ads:

Facebook is providing its users to make a single choice on advertisements that will automatically apply to all platforms – smartphones, tablets or desktops. Earlier, users were provided an option to control the ads they see on their newsfeed, and those choices were applying for the platform they made changes with. For example, if someone blocked an advertisement on Laptop, wasn’t blocking the same ad on his smartphones.

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