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The all new Android 5.0 Lollipop impresses users

Google is now aggressively rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware update to many flagship smartphones, and also released Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 smartphones with pre-installed Android Lollipop. As many smartphone users began to taste the new Lollipop, the positive response from these users is making Apple’s aspiring iPhone buyers to be in a dilemma about choosing a right platform for their smartphone – iOS or Android.android-5.0-lollipop

It’s not new, Apple and Google have been fighting for the superiority in the field of smartphone OS (even hardware) since a long time. Sometimes Apple brings new unique features to its iOS software, and Google incorporates it into Android OS, and sometimes Apple does it. But, it’s the fact that Google’s mobile OS has a far better market share than Apple iOS, globally. But in the United States, Google tops with around 52 percent market share, while Apple maintains a 42 percent market share.

Although Apple iOS 8 and its subsequent updates had bugs in it, the company managed to squash most of those bugs in its latest iOS 8.1 update. Still, some users reported about a few issues though. However, with the new material design, Google’s Android operating system has managed to win the heart of its users, and so far a negligible amount of bugs have been reported.

Google has managed to take risk by introducing a completely new kind of “Material Design” user interface for its mobile software. Android 5.0 Lollipop is now includes the two-factor authentication system with default encryption for more secure environment to keep its users’ privacy intact, but the US Federals are concerned over the smartphone encryption that incorporated by Apple iOS and Google Android.

Lollipop’s new homescreen offers not only an additional lockscreen that displays the date and time, but shows up the notifications in the material design format as well. The additional lock on the homescreen will help users to avoid the accidental dialing issues that have plagued many Android users in the past.

Google has introduced a new Guest mode, where smartphone users can log out of their profile to go to the guest mode and share their devices with their friends or kids, and assign some limitations to the apps and features to safeguard their device as well as the privacy. This feature was popular in some of the custom Android ROMs.

Since the new version, the app transfer from old Android phones or tablets to the newer ones made easier through various simplified and understandable methods. One of them is by employing NFC (Near Field Communication) to transfer the data from one device to another, including the apps, if both devices have NFC option. The voice detection has been improved and the new voice activation capabilities are marvelous. For example, users can wake their devices from sleep mode by yelling “OK Google.”

As latest Nexus devices as well as the older handsets started to receive the latest firmware update, and Motorola’s Moto G 2014, Moto X 2014 also begun to taste the Lollipop, we expect many of you might have used the Google OS. If yes, how was your experience so far?

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