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Microsoft beats Exxon Mobil to claim 2nd largest US company

The Satya Nadella effect has probably brought quite a good fortune to the company as Microsoft topple Exxon to become the 2nd largest company in the United States. Microsoft has seen better days, in spite of the 2nd position, but coming from a position where it was, Satya Nadell does deserve a lot of credit. On the other hand, Exxon, the energy giant slips down due to the constantly falling prices of crude oil. The falling prices have in turn led to the decrease in the share prices.microsoft2-660x350

As for Microsoft, the prices of the shares have been rising as its reached a recent best at $49.81, making Microsoft worth approximately $410.5 billion. To be true, the experts had perceived that with the advent of Satya Nadella, things could change for the tech giant. Since the very arrival of the man at the help, Microsoft has shown positive signs both inside the company as well as outside. According to the statistics, the share prices of Microsoft are approximately 30% more that what they were about a year ago. They are precisely at their best in over the decade.

Sadly enough for Exxon, the scenario is all the same for most of the energy sector companies. With the constant fall in the prices of crude oil, the share prices are crumbling leading to loss of the net worth. With the plummeting of the price, some of the exporters  in this field of the business have slowed down considerably.

In the middle of all the ups and downs, Apple Inc. has held on to its position perfectly as the iPhone maker still resides as the number 1 company of the world. Most of the credit goes to the craze that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have received this year, nonetheless.

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