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Beam Messenger App for Android is growing, iOS app coming soon

The Beam Texting app is all set to change the way you type. Why am I saying so? The reason is the new texting application named Beam. One of the main reasons why the craze for texting over networks increased was because while texting you can choose the words that you utter. In case, you type in something wrong or unwanted, you could change it easily. But the happy days are over. Just like it is advised to think before you speak, you are advised to think before you type. The advantage that a normal texting application provides has been distorted by the new Beam application.beam-messenger-screenshot

Now the question is that what actually happens with Beam application. Well, the Beam application takes a note from real-time sharing as it allows the receiver to see every word that you type. The beauty of the application is such that it will allow a real-time sharing of word by word. Consider a situation, when you make some typing error, the app will show the error and then it will also show the rectification that you make. Although the experts are fearful of the transparency of the application, but I do find the application to be quite exciting.

Many people have already voiced against the application stating as a breach to human emotions like indecisiveness. The fact that the Beam application allows a greater extent of real-time sharing, the application can certainly be the root to many misunderstandings among human beings.

I will like to disagree with the individuals against the application as this is the first time any technology will force the human beings to develop a tendency to think before making a statement. In addition, i have a strong belief that the Beam application will force its users to be honest and at their best behavior.

Beam Messenger is currently available for Android devices only, and the iOS version is coming soon, according to the official website. Meanwhile, the signups have been closed to new users, as the messenger has received overwhelming response across the globe. Here is their notice from their homepage:

SERVICE UPDATE: We are still in beta and our server wasn’t ready for the huge uptick in users. So we have decided to temporarily close off new signups, in order to upgrade the infrastructure, and allow existing people on Beam to chat without issues. We will start opening up signups in batches, shortly. Until we feel that the server can handle being open to all.

After being featured on most of the technology blogs, Beam has received positive and negative reviews, equally. It seems, the team behind Beam Messenger want to clear things out. Hence, they have posted a detailed blog post about the concerned matters such as user privacy, ill-conceived thoughts and spelling errors. Read their explanation here.

Beam is no less private than other popular messaging apps. Just as with almost all other messaging apps, the app works when you and your friend both have it; the ability to see what a friend is typing only happens if you are both using Beam and are texting each other in the app.

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