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IBM, Nvidia gets $325 Million to build 2 Supercomputers

The US Department of Energy has vowed to work with IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox, in order to make world’s fastest supercomputers by the year 2017. A whopping amount of $325 million will be sanctioned to these companies for the project.ibm-nvidia-supercomputers

The two GPU-accelerated supercomputers are dubbed as Sierra and Summit. They will depend on IBM’s OpenPower chips, NVIDIA’s new graphics chip Volta and the high speed networking by Mellanox. All these attributes will be wired together to make the world’s fastest supercomputers.

While Summit will be available to the civilian and scientific use, Sierra on the other hand would be used in nuclear weapon simulations at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Out of the two computers, Summit is more powerful that’s able to deliver 150 to 300 peak petaflops.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder of NVIDIA, said in a statement:

“Today’s science is tomorrow’s technology. Scientists are tackling massive challenges from quantum to global to galactic scales. Their work relies on increasingly more powerful supercomputers. Through the invention of GPU acceleration, we have paved the path to exascale supercomputing — giving scientists a tool for unimaginable discoveries.”

Both the two supercomputers will rank above the other current computing speed champs in the US and around the world. Oak Ridge’s Titan is currently the fastest supercomputer in the US that delivers 27 peak petaflops. Considering the world record, China’s Tianhe-2 ranks above the rest and clocks a good 55 peak petaflops.

Considering the motion of data to the processor, the two supercomputers will be able to do it at 17 petabytes per second. This is the same as moving more than 100 billion pictures on Facebook in just 1 second.

The SVP of IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, Tom Rosamilia stated, “Today’s announcement marks a shift from traditional supercomputing approaches that are no longer viable as data grows at enormous rates, IBM’s Data Centric approach is a new paradigm in computing, marking the future of open computing platforms and capable of addressing the growing rates of data.”

The two supercomputers will definitely change the way people think of technology and innovation in the upcoming years.

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  2. and in 50 years, this power will be available in a tablet pc for about 100 squid.

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