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Apple iOS7 mobile operating system goes live today

Apple consumers can now (from today) download the much awaited operating system – iOS7, which is being termed as a major step towards iPads and iPhones.

Changes in icons of Apple iOS 6 vs iOS7
Changes in icons of Apple iOS 6 vs iOS 7

Last June, Apple unveiled the new operating system, what they have called the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone and what that mean is the new way to using your iPhone and the iOS7 is a free upgrade for the previous version OS users. What they have done is the old design is replaced with their new flat design, which is a huge change and looks really beautiful but the question, the lots of analysts are asking is whether it actually just put Apple back on the power with the competitors like Microsoft Windows Phone, Google Android and BlackBerry, or whether it actually put Apple ahead of the mobile market. You might also see CyanogenMod, a new android variant on future smartphones with more customization options.

What company has done shows that it can cater it’s own loyal Apple fan base as well as they demand and what that means is in practice but iOS7 is a beautiful operating system that now almost no reason why an Apple user would want to go somewhere else for something that looks on screen as lovely as the hardware feels in the hand. What they are trying to do is show that everything they do is perfectly tailored to provide the best user experience. And they do admit that they don’t have every features that comes under the sun like Samsung or Google, but what they trying to do is to deliver the perfect combination of easy to use and genuinely innovative. They have got 600 millions iOS devices out there ready so what they are doing is making the best of what they have got in a way the most revealing thing as it is not a upgraded operating system, but they want to reveal that they don’t need to compete to Apple’s existence.

Apple exists in its own bubble and it’s getting steadily beautiful within that bubble and ultimately what they are doing is serving their existing audience and making them not to worry about the other part of the mobile world, where Samsung and Google’s android is cooking. Some critics already criticized the Apple for copying many android features in it’s new iOS7.

While iPhone 5S and 5C will be in market this week with the new operating system, the owners of older version of iPhones ca download the OS from today 18:00 onward. The launch of new iPhones and iOS7 is being termed as a progressive step by the Apple after the Steve Jobs era.

Learn more about iOS 7 and it’s features at the Official webpage.

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