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FCC asks AT&T the details about fiber expansion halt in the US

The Federal Communications Commission has finally asked for details from AT&T about its fiber expansion halt. AT&T has allegedly paused the expansion of high speed fiber optic lines around the US which has prompted the FCC to question the carrier company.

The Chief Executive of AT&T, Randall Stephenson is under the radar range of FCC after he sprinkled comments about the temporary halt of the fiber optic plans of the company. He said that the company was unsure to invest in a project when it does not know the rules that will govern the network. FCC, at the same time sent a notice to AT&T asking about the plans of the company to employ the technology and how many houses it will cover.

AT&T is under scrutiny by the FCC and the company has to await an approval from the commission for its acquisition of a satellite television provider DirecTV costing $48.5 billion. AT&T has stated that the company is ready to work under the supervision of FCC whatever it takes.

According to the original plan by AT&T about fiber optic, the consumers would get speeds up to 1GB/sec and it was supposed to reach 100 cities around the US by the end of the year 2015. However, the CEO of AT&T, Stephenson admitted that the company was not thinking of employing the fiber optic roll out to only 2 million homes for now.

The FCC is curious to know everything about the fiber optic technology, which is basically not mere information. The commission also needs to examine if the investment plan of AT&T on fiber optics would be bringing in profits or not. Not only this, the FCC has also asked AT&T to present all the papers related to the plans in favor of DirecTV acquisition.

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  1. Hopefully AT&T will tell the FCC that internal business decisions is not any of the FCC's business.

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