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Facebook’s new green data center in Altoona is now online

Facebook has opened a new data center in Altoona, Iowa, which acts as a one of the four primary data centers that Facebook used to manage every needs of the world’s largest social network. The new green data center will manage the Facebook site’s stories, posting and sendings of the users in an excellent manner.facebook-data-center-altoona-iowa

Across the globe, Facebook has more than 1.35 billion users and this makes the Facebook to store millions of data in their servers. To serve faster and quicker Facebook needs to maintain the data in a managed way, this required Facebook to open new data centers to manage all of the data in their servers.

Facebook has started its new data center in the town of Altoona, Iowa on Friday morning. And this will be one of the massive computer facilitated data servers for the Facebook. While comparing to other data centers, this one will be a quite different one with massive facilities.  Altoona Data Center started its work to serve traffic of Facebook 1.35 billion users and this shows how the engineers pierced their work by merging computer networks with digital information.

Facebook Vice President of Infrastructure Operations, Delfina Eberly comments

“The fact that we can do that to support our data center, but be able to put that clean energy back on the grid in Iowa is fantastic. It’s a big win for Iowa and for Facebook.”

The new data center doesn’t require networking gears from network gadgets manufactures like Cisco and other primary manufacturers in the networking sector. Rather than using those, Facebook has developed its own set of computer networks in a different method.

Executives in the Iowa has reported that Iowa has immense wind power with extremely educated work force. This enhances the plans to complete the second data center in the same Altoona campus and it has scheduled to complete by the end of next year.

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