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Google Chrome Update 39 For Android Comes With Material Design

We all use one or the other of Google products every day at work or play. The search giant is shaking things up with the launch of its new smartphone OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop. The all-new platform is laced with so many new features, most prominently and now working is the Chrome 39 upgrade. It introduced stacked card display for quick navigation and multitasking.google-chrome-39-screenshot-android

The tabs can now be split as cards and you can go through them easily. More colored status bar and Undo button to recover a tab you just closed on the screen are some of the significant new additions to Chrome browser. With Lollipop thriving in all the high-end latest gadgets and Chrome the most popular browser in the world is updated more and more integrated updates are expected from Google.

Digging in, you see the entire design changed according to the Material design criteria. This new theme is kept same across all apps now. You can easily transfer Chrome into reader mode after the v39 update just by enabling it in chrome://flags menu.

The search results are also optimized and Chrome loads the already visited pages much more quickly. Not just this, voice search is made more useful and you can do almost anything with Google Voice. Chrome’s team of developers has fixed a lot of bugs in this update and also vouch for a better network performance.


Android Lollipop is packed with the beta version of Chrome and as tested, it is stable and comes with the mentioned updates. The smart applications and experience makes all things easier to multitask and pull out separately as per requirement. The Undo button is a relief for the mobile users and Chrome team has also aesthetically improved the visuals of recent tabs and headers of all connected devices. The official app update is introduced in Google Play Store and you can download it from here.

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