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Lowest priced Datawind Ubislate 7Ci, 7C+EDGE & 7CZ is ready to ship in India

Datawind, a much criticized company for it’s promise-breaking release and distribution to Indian consumers have now sending the emails to it’s already pre-booked owners (and to the users who cancelled the booking too) about it;s Aakash 2 (7Ci) android tablets and Aakash 3 (7C+EDGE, 7CZ) tablets.

Datawind's Ubislate 7C+Edge android tablet
Datawind’s Ubislate 7C+Edge android tablet

According to the email, the company is ready to ship the items within 72 hours of payment. However, we didn’t received any praising statement from the consumer end for the Datawind tablets series. But, this marketing i email lists suggests us that the company has already produced excessive devices than the demand and it’s begun to sell it asap.

Latest Ubislate 7CZ comes with the best features such as Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Cortex A9 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, WiFi+EDGE & Bluetooth connectivity, 8GB Internal storage and multitouch capacitive screen and priced around only $100 (Rs. 6000).

Although the price in Online stores of India is lesser than the actual buying price on their official website, it’s upto user to buy them whether on official site or in Online stores. Snapdeal is selling Ubislate 7C+EDGE (Aakash 3) for Rs. 4799 ($77.5) with free delivery, but the official site is selling the same device for Rs. 5200 ($84), including the delivery cost of Rs. 300 ($5).

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Check the specifications and latest pricing of Datawind tablets as per the email

Check the specifications and latest pricing of Datawind tablets as per the email


Upgraded Offer (Commercial version of Aakash2) Upgraded Offer (Recommended specifications for Aakash3) Upgraded Offer (Recommended specifications for Aakash3) Benefits (in comparison to previous version)
Model UbiSlate 7Ci (Full featured Media Tablet) UbiSlate 7C+EDGE(Smartphone tablet with SIM Functionality UbiSlate 7CZ(Smartphone tablet with SIM Functionality World renowned tablets, with performance comparable with products 5x the price.
Price Rs.3,799/-Click Here To Buy   Rs.4,999/-Click Here To Buy   Rs.5,999/-Click Here To Buy Special price after Rs. 200 discount if you Pay Online (For discount, use coupon code:GRDENTP)
Operating System Android 4.0.3 Android 4.0.3 Android 4.2.2 Latest & greatest version of Google`s Android operating system and access to Google store
Processor Cortex A8 – 1Ghz Cortex A8 – 1Ghz  Cortex A9 – 1.2GhzDual Core 25% Higher Processing Power
RAM 512MB 512MB  1 GB Double the RAM
Flash Memory 4GB 4GB  8GB Double the Flash Memory
Touch Interface Multi-Touch Capacitive Multi-Touch Capacitive Multi-Touch Capacitive Fantastic feather-light pinch & zoom
Sensors G-Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor Orientation/rotation
Network Wi-Fi only (external 3G dongle supported) Wi-Fi &EDGE (regular SIM & phone functionality) Wi-Fi ,EDGE & Blue Tooth(regular SIM & phone functionality)
Camera Front-facing VGA Front-facing VGA Front-facing VGA/ Back 2.0 Mega Pixel It has a camera!
Delivery Time In Stock: Ships within 72 hours In Stock: Ships within 72 hours  In Stock: Ships within 72 hours Available for immediate delivery

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  1. Aakash project is one of the revolutionary project in India which have narrowed the gap between the rich and poor on the base of technology.I am using ubislate 7cz from a month.Very awesome tablet in such a cost.I have used my Tata Docomo dongle speed is so fast and the connectivity is also good through sim card.i am using a reliance sim card.

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