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All Lumia smartphones to get Microsoft Windows 10 OS soon

Microsoft has finally revealed its future plans regarding the Windows Phone device updates and has vowed to update all the current Lumia handsets with Windows 10. These devices currently work on Windows Phone 8 and above version of the OS and Microsoft has now decided to update them with Windows 10. This will be done when the new operating system will roll out in the market next year.microsoft-windows-10

The customers are really excited about the update and it is no less than great news for them. These customers have had a terrible experience when it comes to updates and this time, they are in for a good treat from Microsoft. When the Windows Phone 8 was launched in the market, most of the users were disappointed with the fact that their device could not be updated from Windows Phone 7 to the new operating system. The Windows Phone 7 devices were not updated to WP8 because of kernel change among the two operating systems.

If things fall in the right place and Microsoft manages to update all the Lumia devices to Windows 10, it will certainly bring a broad smile on the face of the users who have purchased Windows Phones in the last two years. However, there is no concrete date when the new Windows 10 will be launched in the market, but there are rumors that it can happen anytime in the year 2015.

It is reported that the phone version of the operating system will be reminiscent to that of the tablet, laptop and Xbox One version, but it is still to be confirmed if Windows will launch all these versions together or not.

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