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Facebook Introduced Privacy Basics, Improved Ad Controls, Updated TOS

To make its users control their own privacy in the social network, Facebook today launched Privacy Basics, a dedicated privacy page for that advice users with tips to set up the right privacy settings for Facebook profiles.

Facebook also wants to provide its users a glance at the company’s plans for making changes to its terms  of service, cookie policy and data policy. Facebook users will have a week to give suggestions/feedback and make comments before the policy change. Facebook has also announced to improve the ads based on the sites or apps users use.

Privacy Basics:

Facebook Privacy Basics is a dedicated page to help users to learn about their privacy settings, and the page offers frequently asked questions and its answers, interactive guides in 36 languages that can help users learn about blocking, untagging, unfollowing and unfriending in the social network. Recently, Facebook introduced Privacy Checkup to improve the user experience.

More Control Over Facebook Ads:

Facebook is providing its users to make a single choice on advertisements that will automatically apply to all platforms – smartphones, tablets or desktops. Earlier, users were provided an option to control the ads they see on their newsfeed, and those choices were applying for the platform they made changes with. For example, if someone blocked an advertisement on Laptop, wasn’t blocking the same ad on his smartphones.

Now onwards, the users tell Facebook they don’t want to see certain kind of ads, their decision automatically applies to every device they use to login to Facebook. The company is now making its ad preferences tool available in additional countries, beginning with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK.

Quotes in this story:

ZK Research’s analyst Zeus Kerravala said:

“Many people just don’t understand the privacy policy, partially because it’s painfully boring to read. By putting it in human speak, users can easily understand what data Facebook collects and what certain settings mean. Anyone who still doesn’t understand it, is just too lazy to go read it or doesn’t care.”

Brian Blau, an analyst with Gartner Inc. said:

“Over the course of 2014, Facebook has made significant changes to how it approaches user privacy, and the Privacy Basics are yet another tool they are offering to help clear up confusion if users don’t understand how certain settings impact what they share. This will be an ongoing effort, as for many years Facebook didn’t take this approach and its impact on users has been significant.”

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