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Apple ordered chipmakers to make 40 million S1 chips for its smartwatch

Apple Watch, an upcoming innovative gadget from Apple is in the news. It is almost time that Apple will hit the markets with yet another amazing product. There has not been even a single confirmation from Apple about the launch date, but suppliers in East Asia have been buzzing a lot about chip production off late. It is rumored that Apple is boosting the production of Apple Watch and has placed an order for more than 40 million chips. The suppliers have hinted at an early 2015 launch as all components will be ready and assembled by that time.

The gadget was revealed in September with a teaser and officials hinted at an early 2015 launch. The single chip going inside the watch is based on a brand new technology by Apple. Contrary to other devices it is not A-series chip that will be used in Apple Watch, but an advanced system-in-package (SiP) technology. The chip is called S1 and all the technology is reduced to a size of a resin, so that it comes easily in a small wristwatch, that has multiple features. The watch will be highly capable and will borrow many features from Apple smartphones like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Wireless charging, Force Touch Retina display and a new feature called the digital crown.

While Apple is perfecting the innovative timepiece it is also important for it to keep up with the competition. The company has a reputation of redefining things and making them more and more simple to use. With Samsung and other technology giants already in this market, Apple will have to do something amazing to capture the attention worldwide.

From the looks of production and suppliers excitement, it is going to be a ride for Apple, upwards or downwards, time only knows.

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