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Samsung Simband to compete Microsoft Band, Apple Watch and Jawbone Up3

Samsung announced Simband, a wearable health device and the released Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) during an event with developers today. The SDK will be available for developers from today as apps can be developed for the wearable that uses a new platform.samsung-simband

The Simband is being launched as a standalone medical device that integrates with the health industry. The device will be able to compile heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature through inbuilt sensors. The wearable can also track the amount of sweat that is produced by the body. The device is quite different from Apple’s HealthKit as it provides insights to a users’ health for improving health care.

“We are only beginning to understand the way that wearable devices can help improve our health,” said Samsung President Won-Pyo Hung during  the event.

In the event attend by more than 2000 attendees, including developers, Samsung announced new leading partners like Aetna, Cigna who provides insurance services and Humana, a network provider. The company has also partnered with Kaiser Permanente for providing data insights from the Simband to researchers and doctors.

Samsung has created its first move in the health industry by developing a research wearable that can predict the illness of the users instead of methods to treat the user. The health industry can research the blood  and Co2 levels, heart rate and how modern lifestyles have affected the health of the consumer. The wearable is first-of-its-kind from  the South Korean company which was focussed on developing smartwatches.

Though created as a research wearable, developers are expected to bring in apps, similar to Apple’s HealthKit and Microsoft Health, and bring in competition. The wearable will also find takers among the consumers who are less interested in smartwatches but interested in healthcare related gadgets. The release date of the Simband has not been announced, though it would be announced soon.

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