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Google extends Google Fiber to Kansas City

On 11th of November Google launched Google Fiber for small business enterprises in some parts of Kansas City. The launch of Google Fiber for the small scale enterprises along some part of Kansas City means that Google has finally decided to take it down to the root levels as well. Google is finally presenting itself as an ISP to small companies as well as to individual consumers. According to the reports, Google has launched the Google Fiber service at just $100 per month. The service will be provided by Google only in the selected areas as an Early Access Program.

According to the reports, any small business along the area can sign up for the Google Fiber Gigabit Internet service. At present, the area limitation is an important factor as Google currently looks forward to the viability of the service for small scale enterprises. To be precise, the Google Fiber Service had been in demand since its launch, but Google insisted that one will have to develop the correct foundations before the service is actually made available to the smaller groups.

Although, Google is gearing up to provide the Google Fiber to a few small scale enterprises in a selected area in Kansas and Missouri, the internet giant has all the plans to bring up the scale of the service once it finds a suitable situation.

According to the statement by a Google Spokesperson, the service will be available to the users at just $100 per month. It was also added that Google is looking forward to bring in more plans for the interested customers once it expands the area.

Google Fiber area of service in Kansas City

Google Fiber area of service in Kansas City

Google Fiber area of service in Missouri

Google Fiber area of service in Missouri

Small scale enterprise owners need not be sad as they can subscribe for email notifications in order to receive updates about when and where Google plans to expand its Google Fiber service.

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