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Sony Playstation Vue, a brand new cloud TV to launch in early-2015

The days are gone when you used your console just for gaming purposes. Now it can do many exciting things and bring happiness to your faces via entertainment. Sony is all set to redefine things, with its all new cloud-based service called as Playstation Vue. It allows you to watch live television on through your console as per your demands.sony-playstation-vue-main-menu

Playstation Vue is introduced to shake things up in the media world and transform the experience of viewing television. With Vue you can easily watch and access live TV shows on the basis of your interest. If you already have a Playstation 3 or 4, you can go online and enjoy this service. Get on-demand TV without installing any satellite service.

Sony transforms your gaming console and TV into a content friendly environment, where in a larger scheme of things you can enjoy content any time you want to. The web service will definitely be cheaper than many top-tier cables and satellites, generally used by Playstation users. This way Sony plans to provide a better TV view and cut the costs too.

The beta version of Playstation Vue will have only 75 channels. The introductory package to try out this service and innovation of the experience you are going to enjoy. The product will be commercially available from 2015 onwards and Sony is trying to join hands with more broadcast networks and television groups.

Hands-on experience of Vue is designed like a Search bar. You can search all the television content, navigate through it and watch on-demand. Once it is launched on Playstation devices, the company is planning to develop it for iPads as well. The product is really innovative and is the first step by Sony in this direction. The invite-only beta preview will begin in November 2014 itself and if you own a Playstation 3 or a Plastation 4, chances are you are going to enjoy this innovative experience.

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