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Apple’s iOS update fails to resolve freezing issues on iPad Air

Apple iOS 8.0.2 on iPad Air and iPad 2 has been facing several issues like speed, WiFi issues and the company released 8.1 update followed by the 8.1.1 update. Even though several bugs have been fixed, the latest update has been complained of freezing issues, limited connectivity and mail issues.

Though connectivity issues are better when compared to previous iOS 8 updates, the speed is till lesser even while using with high-speed internet. There is occasional freezing of the keyboard on the new update while the disappearing keyboard issue in 8.1.1 update has been fixed. Crashing issues that were reported on the 8.1.1 update have been fixed though the freezing issue still remains.

“Ever since upgrading to latest iOS update I’ve had nothing but problems with my iPad,” said a user of a AT&T iPad Air.

The company started to roll out updates in October that sorted out initial issues in iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad and brought in new features. Several bugs like freezing of Messages in landscape mode, poor Wi-Fi connectivity were among the other issues that remained. The iOS 8.1.1 update did not solve the issues like crashes and occasional reboots while some users solved the problem through a full factory reset.

The latest problem for iPad Air users after the iOS update is freezing issues while browsing, limited wifi connectivity,messaging and loading issues. Apple users are increasingly frustrated with the incomplete updates and with the fact that the company does not provide the option of reverting to an earlier OS. As seen in Apple updates, several bugs having begun to show up after days of the initial release and complaints have begun to rise.

The possible solution is either to perform a full factory reset or jailbreak your iPads. Some users have reported that Apple service stored restore the devices to an earlier OS. Have you found any issues on the iPad Air after installing the latest update, let us know.

Remedy? Wait until the latest software update notification pops up on your device. Make sure, you have latest firmware update installed on your iPads, as many users were facing issues on their iOS 8.0.2 running iPhones as well as iPads before.

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