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A smartphone repair tool to boost sales: Cellebrite

The provider of mobile forensic software in Israel, Cellebrite has recently seen a stark boost in the sales in the next two years. It has been noticed after the aforementioned launched a diagnostic tool that is aimed at fixing the smartphones remotely.amazon-fire-phone-teardown3

Cellebrite is basically a subsidiary of a Japanese company, Sun Corp and the revenue of the project is shared between the two companies.

The Executive Vice President of Cellebrite Lehr stated,”We expect the diagnostic tool to more than double revenue stream in our retail business unit within two years. Cellphones are becoming a more critical part of our life.”

There are several other companies that offer similar solutions to fix the smartphones remotely, but Cellebrite is somehow unique compared to them as it is purely cloud based. It also possesses call centers of its own along with repair labs. This is what makes Cellebrite so special in the market.

An ample of problems can be solved by Cellebrite including battery draining, sluggish response and video/audio quality. In the US, the cost of repairing a usual smartphone cost about $60-$180 including the shipping expenses to send it to the repair labs but Cellebrite could make it even cheaper for the users. Moreover, Cellebrite will also check apps running on the phone and not only the hard cover problems.

The diagnostics of Cellebrite, as called by Lehr are more sophisticated and hence, it takes the consumer closer to the repairing units. The technology of Cellebrite will be sold to 200 wireless carriers along with the retailers across the country and the world.

Lehr is quite hopeful of the project and believes that it will provide a hassle free process of repairing the smartphones. We will actually have to wait and see how this concept fares in the market.

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