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Elon Musk’s SpaceX to develop cheaper and better satellites with WorldVu

Talking about breakthroughs in technology and people who make it happen, Elon Musk and Tesla come straight to the mind. Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, is geared to bring cheaper and better satellites to connect the entire world. SpaceX is doing so with the help of a satellite start up, WorldVu.Google-satellite

About 700 miniature satellites are being developed to expand the reach of the internet throughout the world. These small satellites will cost about $1 billion to build and make a reality. Google’s Greg Wyler, the founder of WorldVu is heading the project to manufacture such satellites. Elon Musk and Wyler have revealed that they want to put in space more than 10 times the current fleet of satellites managed by Iridium Communications Inc. The plans to set up plants in Colorado and Florida are being discussed.

The fleet of satellites will constitute as light as a 250 pound satellite. The end product satellite will be cheaper and better than the current fleet. All this will help establish a network that can smoothly beam the internet to so many distant places of the world. The goal is to spread the internet and help others. Building smaller satellites is not just an advancement in technology, but also a challenging task in itself. The satellites will eliminate the problem of signals even in the remote areas of the Earth.

Internet satellites will definitely solve this problem. WorldVu will be guided by Elon Musk and Greg Wyler. Musk’s SpaceX is also expert in manufacturing rockets and has won many contracts from NASA. Combining both synergies the high-volume and low costs can be achieved easily. SpaceX and Tesla have already gone past many technical and financial hurdles by launching electric cars and cheap rockets. Manufacturing low cost satellites will add another important feather in their cap.

After creating landmarks in Automobile industry and Rocket Industry, Elon Musk has shifted his view to the satellites. With the kind of persona Elon Musk holds, it is quite an unexpected event when some or the other news about him does not flash up. The entrepreneur is looking forward to revolutionize the world of internet with smaller and less expensive satellites, which can be used to deliver Internet across the globe. Although, Elon Musk has not made any official comments in this regard, but the people around him believe so.

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