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CLEAR – a to-do app hits app store for iPads now

The popular to-do app “Clear” is now available for iPads and you have to pay $2.99 to download, but according to the popularity of it’s iPhone app, it’s worth the $2.99.

Screenshot of Clear To-Do app for iOS devices
Screenshot of Clear To-Do app for iOS devices

This minimalist to-do app by Realmacsoftware was first released in app store for iPhones on January 2012 and the simplicity of the app lead it into the most popular to-do kind of app. The app has some unique features such as chromeless interface, intuitive gestures and colorful palettes. First released only for iPhones, now redesigned in accordance of the new iOS7 and it works perfectly o iPads too. The previous version of app is replaced by the new iOS 7 compatible app.

iCloud support for syncing tasks on Mac and iOS, email the to-do lists, notifications after completing the task is some of it’s features. Clear has some exclusive features only for iPads, where it can occupy larger display than iPhones such as dragging of to-do’s from one list to another, swyping with two fingers on an item to see the contents. Few iOS7 tweaks also introduced such as auto text resizing after changing your device font and headers to view the list etc.

If you ad the previous version of the app, then also you need to pay the $2.99 in order to upgrade and according to the Realmac software, this is due to the uniquely designed app by the developer over last 7 months with better end results.

Nik Fletcher, Product Manager of Realmac said:

“It’s a whole process: we build it, give it to designers, and work on it again.”

“Judging a product by its end results is what users do. ‘I could build Clear in a weekend,’ you say, but you can only copy the end result.”

However, now Clear has accomplished it’s mission of providing the syncing features for all Apple devices such as Mac, iPhones and iPads and now it may get some more customers, who are all-Apple-device fans!

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