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Microsoft Band allows sync to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

With the gradual progress of the week, Microsoft is probably not making many praises for its recent Microsoft Band. The Wristband cum fitness tracker has been released only in the United States and already people might just be regretting their decision. Although, it is not the correct time to foresee the future of the fitness tracker, but one thing is for sure that the experts have not given a green light to Microsoft Band. One of the primary resentment comes from the display, which attempts to show quite a few things, but fails to do it clearly.Microsoft Band seems to go down already as the company

According to a few people who have had a hand-on experience with the band claim that the display shows you quite a bit of relevant information but it does look a bit clumsy. In addition, the design of the Microsoft Band has also been criticized as people claim that it is very uncomfortable. The experts believe that the cubical design of the band is not comprehending a lot of people, thus leading to issues related to comfort.

The Microsoft Band has been termed way behind most of the current fitness trackers. People who have had hand-on experience with the Microsoft Band claim that it is neither a complete fitness band as it is quite a bulky object to carry around during a workout session, nor a smartwatch as it lacks the exquisite looks. Microsoft has probably missed a few tricks while trying to combine both of them in a single device. If compared to other fitness trackers like Jawbone Up3, Microsoft Band will fall short of the mark by a fair way. For some, Microsoft Band is not even close to the Apple Watch.

The other feature that has created a negative vibe among the users is the battery life. Apart from Microsoft Band, literally all the fitness trackers cum wristbands promise at least a battery life of 5 days on a single charge. In comparison, Microsoft Band promises of just 48 hours, which is way below the margin. The battery life of any smart devices is of extreme importance, but Microsoft Band has failed to enchant the customers even in this section.

On the other hand, the struggle that Windows devices are facing from Android and iOS made us think that Microsoft Band will be aimed to neutralize it. Microsoft is all set to allow the Microsoft Band to sync with not only Windows and Mac, but also with Android and iOS devices. This is being considered as a submission in various spheres of the media. Although the officials at Microsoft might feel different, but the future for Microsoft Band seems blurred.

Microsoft Health – A new platform

A new platform, Microsoft Health has also been launched recently will possess a cloud service for customers and industry in order to collect and combine the health and fitness data to assist the health freaks. This new app will be available on platforms such as Android, iOS and windows phones.

The data from several health and fitness devices will be accumulated and stored in a single location. Once the data is stored in Microsoft Health, the users can simply view all the data and measure how their workout performance goes.

Jawbone UP3 and UP Move

Jawbone has just released two products which will add to how you keep fit during the holidays. Jawbone has announced the launch of a new wristband, UP3 and a fitness tracker, UP Move, which can be easily attached to your clothes or accessories to keep a check on your fitness.

One of the major points to note will be the difference between Jawbone’s UP3 and UP24. Jawbone has kept intact the basic design, including the water resistance factor and the colors; black and silver. Along with this, Jawbone has come up with a triple axis group of monitors, including accelerometer, skin sensors, ambient sensors and bio-impedance sensors.

The addition to UP3 includes a resting heart rate tracker. The heart rate tracker is one of the most important features that are being included in the modern day health tracking bands and devices as the users are quite wary of the heart related issues. To add to it, Jawbone has also announced that the hardware is such that UP3 will keep on getting the software upgrades allowing the device to perform better in the future.

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