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15 Best iPhone 6/Plus, iPad Air 2 Tips & Tricks You Should Know [iOS 8+]

The latest gadgets from Apple adorn iOS 8, the newest of all Operating System developed yet. The high sales of the smartphones and tablets speak for themselves, but when it comes to making these gadgets more useful, you have dug a lot deeper.ipad-air-2-iphone-6

We bring you hacks and tips that will help you achieve more productivity and get things done faster.

Tip 1: In case of emergencies, your phone is your Health ID:

Apple gadgets running iOS 8 come preloaded with HealthKit application. You can set it with jut one click inside your Health app. Just click on the Medical ID on the bottom right part of the screen and add basic health related information about yourself. In case of emergencies and life-saving situations, this information is extremely useful. Anyone treating you or trying to help you can access medical details to save you.

Tip 2: Get rid of text messages with a tap:

Want to create space for adding new cool stuff to your smartphone. Consider deleting age old text messages that take lots of space and are out of context in present day. Just go to Settings and Tap Messages and scroll to find Message history. One tap and you have created lots of space and got rid of archive messages instantly.

Tip 3: Goodbye Snapchat, Welcome iMessage:

Snapchat like self destructive messages are quite popular these days. Guss what, now you can send them from your iPhone and not just photos, you can even send video and audio clips too. Just open Message and tap on the camera button to click a snap like image. This will be shot and sent immediately.

Tip 4: Introducing Swipe to Notifications:

Alerts and notifications on your phone are common, but a better way to tackle this incoming gala of information is what this hack is all about. The swipe lets to delete the notification you don’t want to see individually. You do not need to turn of all the notifications at the same time, you can easily eliminate the useless notification with a single swipe.

Tip 5: Exposure Control:

Helping you capture better images and help you set the focus area of the screen manually, Apple has introduced Exposure control. When you are capturing a picture, just tap and hold to lock the focus wherever you wish to and see the sun icon appear. You can manually control the exposure by dragging the icon up and down as per your requirements.

Tip 6: Hiding private photos I easier:

Privacy on your own gadgets seems to be a big concern these days. You do not want others to see your private images, so just hide it. Yes iOS 8 helps you select the pictures you want to hide and store them in your hidden album, which won’t be visible to anyone who checks the pictures on your phone. To bring back the hidden album pictures, just open the Photo app and unhide them.

Tip 7: Swipe Quick Type Away:

iOS 8 helps you type faster with the introduction of Quick Type. But many love the old way round, when it comes to texting it is a very personal habit. If you are irritated by word suggestions and want it to go, use this hack. Type on any suggested word and swipe it downwards and it is gone.

Tip 8: Battery Usage Track:

Hate it when the phone goes out of battery before the end of your usual routine? Care to check battery usage of all the major applications you use. Go to Settings > General > Usage and click Battery Usage to get a clear idea on how much battery is being consumed by each application. Close the one with high consumption immediately after use and uninstall any particular application that you no longer use.

Tip 9: Respond Quickly from Notification itself:

Busy listening a podcast or don’t want to close down the app you have opened right now? iMessage comes to your rescue. Just send quick replies from the notifications itself. Swipe the message notification downwards and a small message box appears instantly. Just type and hit send and get back to what you were doing.

Tip 10: 30-day Photo Recovery:

Your smartphone has a lot of memories and if you click a lot of pictures than it is even more. Recently Deleted album is another unknown feature you should know about. The tip to recover your deleted pictures within a 30 day period after which they are deleted forever.

Tip 11: Get rid of Nagging/Irritating Contacts:

We all have some people in our life who irritate us with queries and request all the time. In times of peace you make sure you mute your phone to have your own time. But not all the time you want to keep away all other people that matter in your life. Here is the hack to mute individuals who irritate you. Get rid of their notifications by swiping on the Do not disturb button on the top right corner of their text.

Tip 12: Enable DuckDuckGo search engine:

Hate ads that invade your browsing experience? Try DuckDuckGo and save yourself from the hassle. Enjoy private browsing and enjoy the information you need. Set this for yourself by tapping on Settings > Safari > Search Engine.

Tip 13: Widgets:

iOS 8 wins on added functionality as it provides you with widgets. Just open the Notification center and add or remove the widgets you want to see. Edit and keeping widgets is really easy.

Tip 14: Improved Notetaking:

You can now format and keep the notes saved on your device with this iOS update. You can make it bold, italic and underline just by changing the iCloud settings.

Tip 15: Talk to Siri:

Don’t want to type, just say Hey Siri and your virtual is all set to hear you. Allow Hey Siri option and you don’t have to reach for your phone to type. Just say it and it responds.

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