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Google Maps for Android Lollipop revamped with material design

Google Maps 9.0 for Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS has been revamped with new features with a material design look. Users  can make hotel reservations using OpenTable through the app that will display the closest hotels and available reservation timings.11011-3555-The-new-Google-Maps-app-l

The new update will be released in the coming days on both the platforms with the website showing screenshots of the apps on Android tablets, smartphones and iPhones. The iPad version will be released later. The interface of the Maps has been revamped with a “material design” colorful look that includes shadows for a real feel. The company has been increasingly incorporating the design after the release of the new Android Lollipop.

Users looking for a hotel reservation can use the information sheet in the restaurant and can fix the date, time and number of guests and is confirmed by providing personal details. The company will provide approximate pick up times and prices for Uber service which are displayed along with similar data of trains, subways and other transportation modes. The service was first released in May and users will need the Uber app to be installed that is available only in the U.S in limited areas. The Maps app will be able to predict which mode of transit will cost less or the easy way to reach a place.

However, the new Maps app for Android with new features will be available only to Lollipop OS and will be released as an update to iPhones. Earlier in July, Google added voice commands and elevation features to the Maps app though the design remained the same. The Maps app that is available as a free app on the iTunes Store is popular among iOS users who prefer the former than Apple Maps. Users are likely to like the slick, intuitive design in the app that is faster and efficient than earlier versions.

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