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iPads used to help fire mortars by Syrian Rebels

The interesting picture of Syrian rebels (Free Syrian Army) took by Mohamed Abdullah of Reuters shows the rebels using an iPad to level (or may be aiming to a right angle) the mortar before shooting.


The world knows that the rebels are producing the weapons and shells at home or their garages, but it seems like the fighters are learned to use the technology to keep their weapons up-to-date.

According to the Business Insider, the picture is of an Ansar Dimachk Brigade’s member (part of Asood Allah Brigade of FSA), who is preparing to launch a mortar and using the iPad to get a better angle for the mortar launcher. Though, he might be using the iHandy leveling app from the App Store. So, we can predict the apps are using for good as well as it can be misused. Today’s war is a technology war, do you agree?


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