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Google pitches new ‘Inbox app’ for half billion Gmail users

If you are running a business entity or anything similar, you must have experienced that managing all those emails on the phone can be a tiresome task. Therefore, Google has come up with a solution in the name of Google Inbox. Using this app, the user can redefine the experience of reading mails in your inbox.google-inbox-gmail

Jason Cornwell remained to be the lead designer for Google’s Gmail Inbox for years and he has yet again proved why he is the best in business. He has made the usage of Gmail way easier than the before. The e-mail app that works with Gmail accounts has been revamped a fair bit and the experience of using Gmail app has changed a lot.

Google has launched the new Gmail app with the name “Inbox” and with this, we have a confirmation that the tech giant is not giving up on Gmail as of now. However, they have made some necessary changes in its usage. The new app is actually an invite-only service and takes clues from an ample of other email apps. For instance, the features such as reminders for meetings, resending emails at a later time are all included in the new version of Inbox app.

There are several categories in the Inbox as well, like “Promos” which help the user to evade the time that otherwise could have been spent in scrolling through the mailing list messages. The users are able to take the decision of sending mails to the certain categories. It makes up for a great approach in which the user does not have to take stress about finding a particular mail.

The Google’s search expertise has also been employed in the new Inbox app. The users can get reminders for dinner reservations. With it, also comes an interesting feature with the help of which the user can get information about the contact number of the restaurant in order to save time. The new Inbox app is very smart in knowing the need of the hour and acts accordingly for the user.

The whole mailing experience has been simplified in the new mailing app as well. The new app is totally free of cost, but it can be operated only after you send an invitation by emailing inbox@google.com.

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