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Universal Pictures’ Warcraft movie: Cast and characters revealed

The greatest fantasy franchise, Warcraft has stepped ahead in creating media for its gaming audience. Warcraft movie is an attempt to tell one of the special stories of this world in a different format. Duncan Jones will be directing this movie adaptation and it is set to release in 2016. There are so many characters in the Warcraft universe and this live-action film will place them in the cinemas worldwide.warcraft-movie

The movie is a challenge in itself and the project that was conceived in 2006, will be released by Universal Pictures in 2016. The storyline is based on the face-off between humans and Orcs. But the real deal is the fair representation of both sides. The choice remains in the hands of the viewer, which side they are on and support in the rivalry. Duncan Jones, the director and co-screenplay writer of the film said,” Telling a story where you really allow the audience to empathize and feel for both sides is unusual in war movies alone”.

The annual BizzCon was a perfect event to talk about this project. The details about cast reveal that it will star Paula Patton and Dominic Cooper, playing humans and the Orcs are generated by computer graphics. The early conflict between humans and Orcs will be the main theme in the film as the director told everyone.

The director loves playing World of Warcraft and is a fan of the franchise. The movie is like a tribute to the fantastic universe by its fans. The official trailer of the upcoming film was unveiled at BizzCon and it was filled with lots of special effects. It is mesmerizing to see Avatar-like effects with the feel of Lord of the Rings.

We hope you are excited to see humans and orcs battling it out. Watch out for this film in March 2016.

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