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WAM And Twitter Stands Against Online Women Harassment

Twitter has stood up against the women harassment online and launched a new tool that will take up abuse reports filed by its users. These reports will be solved in a matter of 24 hours. This tool is basically designed to protect women against their harassment online.twitter-wam-tool

A non-profit organization has joined hands with Twitter in order to bring the above mentioned tool in effect. This Non Profit organization is known by the name, Women, Action and the Media or WAM. The reports filed by women will be collected by WAM and distributed across the social network. It will also make sure that the response of Twitter is prompted for the same.

WAM aims at improving the situation of women who become a victim at the hands of online harassment. The non-profit organization has become more active after the Gamergate controversy which sparked many harassment points. There are an ample of cases where online harassment takes place and WAM aims at improving it.

The executive director of WAM, Jaclyn Friedman said, “I think it’s really unjust that they need our free labor for this. Twitter is making a lot of money and they should be putting the resources into this. We should not have to do this project and I don’t think it would be a shock for Twitter to hear me say that.”

A little while ago, the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo faced some aggressive questions about harassment on Twitter. This is where the company started to be very serious about addressing the problems related to online harassment. For instance, the company announced in August that it would remove all the images of beheaded photojournalist James Foley from the social networking website.

Gender based harassment has picked up in the last few months over the social media network. There are some women who are against this motion and speak to defend the women who suffer harassment. WAM is actively working for the women who are subjected to such harassment. Apart from focusing on harassment issues, WAM also monitors the situation of racism and sexism online.

WAM wrote on their website, “We’re not Twitter, and we can’t make decisions for them, we’re going to do our best to advocate for you with them, though.”

We hope that the initiative taken up by Twitter and WAM will go a long way in favor of protecting the women from getting harassed online.

Recently, the Pew Research Center made an astonishing report on the same subject and found out that about three-quarters of American adults have seen online harassment. Of them, forty percent have themselves faced harassment online. Adults in the age range of 18-29 were most prone to online harassment, according to the survey. Women between the age group of 18 to 24 were also the victims of sexual harassment and stalking. The survey concluded that the people who posted a lot of information about themselves on the internet, including their work profile, address, etc. were more likely to get harassed.

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