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A new startup Vsenn’s modular phones to compete with Project Ara

Start Vsenn is set to compete with Google’s Ara based on modular smartphones where users can upgrade the specifications in an existing smartphone. The startup will start to develop its own modular smartphone with a focus on privacy.arachallenge

The startup was co-founded by a former program manager of Nokia X and even its website is in the development stages. The modular smartphone will not be similar to Google’s Ara as Vsenn will comprise only camera, RAM/processor and battery components. The company aims at offering upgradation with modules without any customization. The company will provide similar components to all regions around the world which will remove the fear of low-end components supplies in certain regions.

The company will offer stock versions of Google’s Android and plans to support virtual private networking (VPN) which will be offered for free and three-layer encryption for increased security. Helder Vicente, spokesperson for the company stated that a press release that will be released next will reveal additional details. However, Google Project Ara will offer several modules for upgrading the smartphone and might include customization options also.

Vsenn is a startup based in Finland and has the company’s website does not mention the head of operations. The company is banking on the security aspect as data will be stored on a secure cloud. Google Project Ara is the likely winner here as the company has been working hard to develop a modular smartphone with multiple components and has invested its resources to get the prototype working.Currently there are limited details regarding the startup that will be revealed after the pres release.

The market for modular smartphones is yet to open up and will create huge demand. It wont be long before when leading smartphone makers and companies join the race for developing similar smartphones.

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