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Facebook announces changes in news feed and new features

Facebook has announced that it has made changes  to the News Feed algorithm that allows a user to personalize the content they want. The News feed setting page will allow users to easily check the pages, groups or friends along with an unfollow option.facebook-newsfeed-controls

Earlier, the company introduced the ability to hide a particular feed while the new update brings the option of whether they want to see fewer posts from the person. Facebook will maintain a database of people who users have unfollowed and will provide an option to re-follow them. The move is aimed at bringing more control to users for personalization in the News Feed. The social-networking site depends on algorithms to display the posts which are based on the likes and the persons which the user follows.

“What you do in News Feed helps you determine what you see in News feed,” said Facebook in a blog post.

The new feature will be available in the coming weeks for desktop and mobile versions. Desktop Facebook users will see “News Feed Settings” in the web version and the mobile version of Android will have “Manage news Feed” option. Though the announcement has been welcomed by users, the Feed will not display any meetings, announcements or any other urgent information from the muted people. A new feedback option has been introduced while a user hides a post in the News Feed.

However, Facebook will display important posts like any terrorist attack or any major news when needed instead of less-important photos friends. In June, the company had received widespread criticism from users for the “emotional contagion” experiment and has been trying to gain the trust of users. The social-networking site move also comes after the site was displaying targeted posts at users instead of posts that the user wants to see.

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