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Security Service Federal Credit Union to adopt Apple Pay in 2015

Security Service Federal Credit Union has plans to add Apple Pay to its roster soon. This will be part of the second wave of banks to be adopting Apple Pay as their digital payment system. Apple Pay has already become an essential part of companies like McDonald’s, Subway, Macy’s and other retailers in the US. However, the not all the users can access Apple Pay service as they need to possess an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 in order to use its services.apple-pay-security-service

The President and CEO of Security Service, Jim Laffoon stated that the company has started to roll in the Apple Pay system for payments. It will actually start operating early next year, according to the prediction of the CEO of Security Service. He also added,”We want to provide convenience for our members. This is one of the most significant changes (in the industry) since ATMs (automatic teller machines).”

Laffoon is of the belief that Apple Pay possesses advanced security features and hence it will soon be adopted by an ample of companies. The credit card info is kept secretive by Apple Pay and hence it is considered to be a safer medium of making transactions on phone. In case of phone being stolen, Apple Pay does not let the thief know your credit card info as it is encrypted and cannot be accessed without the pass code.

Laffoon commented that Apple Pay possesses an X factor and hence, people are being awed by its charm in the market. The recent negative rumors that surfaced about Apple Pay will somehow have some impact on the usage of its services. However, if Apple Pay moves towards the direction of Financial services, it would not be a big surprise.

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