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Google scrapped the mysterious barges because of fire risk

Google’s mysterious boats faced a horrid situation when they were destroyed after being taken as a fire hazard. These floating showrooms of the tech giant were seen in Portland and SF a year ago. The 250 foot barge of Google were little known by the experts and the people and hence, they captured acute attention of the media towards self. According to the rumors, the barges must have cost the company a great amount of $4 million.google-barge-portland

Google answered smartly about the barges and referred them as the interactive medium to aware people about the new technology. The media attention, however, turned into a bizarre situation for the barges as they were called for dismantling and being sold as scrap.

In the beginning, it was thought that the fading away of the barges was due to money issues. Experts thought that the money involved in the construction of the barges must have led to the decision of dismantling them up.

The contractor of Google actually paused the project after the Coast Guard put forward some fire safety concerns. The acting chief of the organization wrote in an email, “These vessels will have over 5,000 gallons of fuel on the main deck and a substantial amount of combustible material on board.”

Another visiting Coast guard added his concerns regarding the subject and said that some more safety measure needed to be employed in the case of people jumping off board on the waterside. The Coast Guard officials raised their eyebrows over the matter and expressed their concern about the people with disabilities.

Google had assured the authorities that 150 people could be accommodated on the barge without any problem but the Coast guard did not buy it. Gauvin stated in an email, “unaware of any measures you plan to use to actually limit the number of passengers,” and “while I understand there is a sense of urgency, I am concerned that significant work has already been performed without full consent of the Coast Guard.”

Portland would have been on the winning side in any case, because they already collected $400,000 as a property tax. They would also lose out on some money in tourism due to the dismantling of the barges.

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