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Jawbone’s UP3 and UP Move to tale on Microsoft Band, fitness trackers

As it seems now that along with the smartphones, the wearable devices are also gaining quite some ground in the recent times. The past 1 year or so, we have seen the launch of quite a few stylish wearable and health tracking devices. What attracts me the most about the fitness trackers is that they aid you in keeping a track of your health and at the same time add a style quotient to you as well.Jawbone’s Up3 and Up Move

Jawbone has just released two products which will add to how you keep fit during the holidays. Jawbone has announced the launch of a new wristband, UP3 and a fitness tracker, UP Move, which can be easily attached to your clothes or accessories to keep a check on your fitness.

How is Jawbone’s UP3 different from its UP24?

One of the major points to note will be the difference between Jawbone’s UP3 and UP24. Jawbone has kept intact the basic design, including the water resistance factor and the colors; black and silver. Along with this, Jawbone has come up with a triple axis group of monitors, including accelerometer, skin sensors, ambient sensors and bio-impedance sensors. The addition to UP3 includes a resting heart rate tracker. The heart rate tracker is one of the most important features that are being included in the modern day health tracking bands and devices as the users are quite wary of the heart related issues. To add to it, Jawbone has also announced that the hardware is such that UP3 will keep on getting the software upgrades allowing the device to perform better in the future.

Among the similar features, the UP3 monitors will allow you to keep a track of the exercise that you have done, the amount of sleep you have had, etc.. Just like UP24, the monitors will also keep a track of the period of light sleep and deep sleep that you have had in a time period. You might think that what is new in this. Although the feature is similar, the method of tracking is different. With the improved Smart Coach feature, Jawbone promises a much better and effective analysis of the data that will be recorded. Smart Coach will not just track the calories that you have burnt, but will also analyze the exercise that you have gone through.

How is Jawbone’s UP3 different from Microsoft Band?

Jawbone’s Up3 and Microsoft Band: Comparison

Microsoft Band has been launched in the United States this week and has already attracted quite some attention. According to many people, Microsoft Band is very much similar to Jawbone’s UP3. The claim comes in as Microsoft Band also does the similar sort of things as does UP3. What makes things a bit different is the Smart Coach factor. Although, Microsoft Band has already been tried and tested, I have a belief that things will be different with UP3 as the Smart Coach will analyze your data based on the kind of exercise that you have done. Let us draw a few lines of comparison between the two devices!


Both the devices come with similar sort of capabilities, of tracking heart beat rate, calories burned, amount of sleep, etc.. But the additional feature like access to the cloud to store data and the analysis reports, the pairing up with any Windows Phone surely will put Microsoft Band ahead in the race. I will say that it would be foolish to keep UP3 out of the count as one still does not know how the Smart Coach will perform.

Looks and Design

Well, this is completely subjective to the one who uses it. Both Microsoft Band and Jawbone’s UP3 are simple and sleek and can easily get along with any outfit.

Battery and Compatiblity

To be very true, when it comes to battery, the one with less display and features will surely run longer. According to the hand on reports, Microsoft Band will run trough for approximately 40 hours to 48 hours with normal use. On the other hand, Jawbone UP3 promises to run for at least 12 to 14 days. Thus, if anyone is looking to take a health tracking device on a journey, UP3 will be the perfect one.

Speaking of Compatibility, Jawbone claims that UP3 will be having complete compatibility with Android as well as iOS device. On the other hand, Microsoft Band is currently compatible only with Windows phones, but Microsoft promises to upgrade the hardware and software soon enough to allow Android and iOS compatible devices.


Talking about price, Microsoft Band comes at approximately $199 which is less for what it offers. On the other hand, with no added specifications, Jawbone UP3 will be expected at somewhere around $180. One will have to wait till UP3 is launched so as to be sure of the price.

On the other hand, Jawbone has come up with a completely different kind of a fitness tracker. As we are more associated with fitness trackers to be wristbands, the design of Jawbone UP Move will simply astonish you. UP Move is very much like a clip, which can be easily attached to any part of your clothes. The flexibility of the application is astonishing adding to a complete new variety of trackers.  The Jawbone Up Move comes with all the basic functionality that any fitness tracker has.

Up3 and UP move

UP Move has a discreet LED display with a button, which if pressed once shows you the percentage of the goal completed. If it is pressed twice, it will show you the time and on pressing the button three times, UP Move will show you your sleep statistics. You can also pair UP Move with the UP application to keep a record of the data. All of this will be available at just $50. Well, the Jawbone UP Move may not be a high end fitness tracker, but it certainly packs a punch.

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