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Microsoft announced OneNote application for Android will available in 60+ countries in the world

Microsoft added OneNote android app for additional 60+ countries this week, now it reached total of 116 countries around worldwide. Company released OneNote app on second month of 2012 for Android and roll-out first major update on July 2013. Before this Microsoft app was available only for 56 countries Smartphone users, including (US, UK, Canada). Microsoft included additional features in first major update and requires Android 4.0 (or higher version) to use OneNote. So you can directly download OneNote without any delay from Android market Google play store. The company may bring a new things or features in upcoming month.


OneNote usage:

Though this application is free for all, Microsoft settled up to limit to use OneNote app. We can create only 500 notes and to extend limit, you should upgrade this application. For up gradation Microsoft charges $4.99 and application becomes unlimited version. In limited addition, you can Create, delete, synchronize and view note, but you can’t create new note after reaching 500.


OneNote is fully characterised with formatting text, adding bullet & numbering, adding Photo’s to your note and we can easily view recently created notes. Moreover, creating table with rows and column is pretty cool thing works in this application. In Brief, we can sync our note with Microsoft SkyDrive account which helps to access from anywhere in globe. This is also support to include external hyperlink, create list with drop boxes, sync notes through Wi-Fi and can access note on offline mode. The company included update version 2.2 one more features, that is supportive hardware QWERTY keyboard (ENGLISH).

Finally, before downloading this cool Microsoft application, checkout OneNote is supported in your country. To get this application-Google Play Store and stay connected with Thenextdigit.com for latest news.   

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