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HP 3D Printer With Multi Jet Fusion Technology Has A Bright Future

Hewlett-Packard is rolling out technology for the future. 3D printing is going to revolutionize everything the entire printing industry. All the print manufacturers are lucky to be in this age where innovation is happening at such speed. HP has decades of expertise of the print industry and material science. Combining these it has launched a brand new blended reality ecosystem.hp-3d-printer

Comes from HP Multi Jet Fusion a highly productive and affordable 3D printer. Unlike other companies that are targeting do-it-yourself 3D prints, HP wants this innovation to benefit all. User-friendliness, speed, quality and cost effective are few qualities of this newly launched technology.

Dion Weisler, executive vice president, Printing & Personal Systems (PPS), HP said,

“Our ability to deliver Blended Reality technologies will reduce the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, enabling us to express ourselves at the speed of thought — without filters, without limitations. This ecosystem opens up new market categories that can define the future, empowering people to create, interact and inspire like never before.”

Multi Jet Fusion is 10 times faster than any 3D printer in the market, courtesy its special design that resolves many fundamental limitations. With these devices you can bring both physical and digital worlds closer. The potential is huge when it comes to creative solutions in the 3D world.

HP brings more accuracy and detail by enhancing colors, resiliency and uniform part strength. The output is more smooth and surface of the printed objects is smoother than previous models. The 3D printing process is streamlined by reducing running time and energy consumption. But it is also said that more people will try out the new technology because of the reduced printing economics.

Ron Coughlin, senior vice president, Consumer PC & Solutions, HP said, “We live in a 3D world, but today we have created in a 2D world on existing devices.”

HP Sprout All-in-One Desktop PC:

HP has also unveiled an all-in-one desktop “HP Sprout” that will be available in the stores next month with a price tag of $1,899. The next-gen desktop computer comes with 23-inches of diagonal screen, four-camera sensor system with a projector and a scanner. The device comes with 20 point touch pad, which replaces the mouse or a keyboard.

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