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Guardrails adding to accidents, banned by the Texas Transport Department

The guardrails along the highway are built in order to maintain the decency while driving and to protect the occupants of a vehicle in case of an accident. But the guardrails along various Highways in the United States are maintaining the decencies but in case of an accident, it seems that the Guardrails will surely kill you. According to the reports, numerous drivers, passengers and witnesses have complained that the Guardrails do more sort of a killing thing than actually saving lives. There have been many occasions where cars have been destroyed more so by the Guardrails than by the accident itself.Guardrails adding to accidents, banned by the Texas Transport Department

After the numerous instances where drivers and passengers have been killed or injured to potentially dangerous proportions, the Texas Department of Transportation at last acted against the guardrails. The Texas Department of Transportation has issued a notice according to which the current guardrails will be abolished and replaced with new and safer ones. The decision has come in when guardrails had turned into a piece of terror for highway drivers.

In a recent incident, a driver witnessed an experience where she was gravely injured. According to her statement, the incident happened while she was taking a swift turn, when her vehicle lost the control colliding with the guard rails.

The account of the incident is frightening as she said that it felt like a bayonet slicing through her. Many people believe that the NHTSA should also take a look into the matter as such incidents can happen all across the United States. Accidents can happen but the issue is such that it can cause a certain death, even if the accident that has occurred is not of great intensity. One will have to wait for the reaction from NHTSA regarding the issue, while the drivers will have to be a bit more careful while driving.

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