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Microsoft has pulled back the video poking fun of Apple iPhones – watch here

Microsoft finally removed the parody video from YouTube, which is the part of #timetoswitch campaign. The video was pulling legs of Apple’s latest released iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C as well as the rumored iWatch.


Previously, Microsoft has mocked the Apple, having slammed the company on Twitter after its recent iPhone launching and the company seems waged war by silently posting a iPad trade-in deal on it’s microsoftstore.com for Surface tablets.

This time, the company has took the mocking to its YouTube channel to mock Apple’s recently released smartphones. There, it released  fly on the wall style series of ads, which was pointing at the iPhone 5C (specially its colors) ad the rumored iWatch. And the video called it the “Apple’s lack of innovation” indirectly.

The video shows a spoofed brainstorming meeting at the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino. It starts with 2 employees (fake) providing many ideas to a Boss – lookalike of Tim Cook. This mocking video as 2 overenthusiastic employees providing the ideas for their upcoming devices with more color options as well as the mocking goes to the pricing of smartphones. This video attempted to bring consumers into Windows Phone mobile OS from android and iOS and the failing part is the company has never mentioned it’s Windows Phone or its smartphones.

The outcome (we can say the feedback received) of this advert is terrible as many people thought this as not funny and lots of people disliked this video, which led Microsoft to remove the video from its channel.

Microsoft released the statement:

“The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.”

Check the video below, which was saved and re-posted by a Microsoft enthusiast:

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