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HP and Michael Bastian’s MB Chronowing Smartwatch to go on sale on Nov. 7

HP and Michael Bastian have teamed up to launch the MB Chronowing Smartwatch. It is basically a designer smartwatch that will be available through the online retailer ‘Gilt’ at a price of $350. The device is spectacular to say the least and hence you would not get hassled if it falls down in the expectations of being a good smartwatch. HP has pulled up its sleeve to enter the smartphone market with this watch and there are an ample of expectations from the same.hp-mb-chronowing

The MB Chronowing smartwatch comes with brown leather, black rubber or olive green nylon straps. There are other versions available too that will have a rough look in its rear casing. The smartwatch will showcase a body of stainless steel and is targeted at the male potential customers.

It offers 10 functions which are simple but very effective. It enables the user to check mails, appointments, sport scores, stock updates and other important information. Although, MB Chronowing smartwatch does not possess a touch screen, it carries physical buttons that do the needful. Its profile is as thin as 44mm and the battery life of the gadget is long too, it can last up until one week.

The smartwatch by HP can be connected to iPhone 4S and other versions of Apple smartphones. The Android 4.3 and higher devices can also synchronize with the smartwatch without any hassles.

MB Chronowing has been designed by Michael Bastian and will be available for purchase starting November 7. The smartwatch will also come in a limited edition version which will cost the user a little in excess of $350.

Michael Bastian said:

“I think the most important lesson we all learned during the development process—and the thing that sets our watch apart from the other smart watches out there—was that while the look and the function of the watch need to be seamlessly integrated, the best results might come from two independent teams working together. Me and my team worked on the look and feel of the watch and HP worked on the technology and functionality. By working this way the end product ultimately inherited the best of both worlds. It’s smart, but also good looking.”

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