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Mark Zuckerberg to hold a Q&A session with Facebook users

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced through his blog post that he would hold his first question and answer session with the social-networking site users on Thursday. Users will be able to post questions to him through a Facebook page.mark-zuckerberg-q-a

Users who like other people’s questions will be more visible while the question “Why you forced us to install Facebook Messenger?” has already gained the most number of likes. The answers to the questions will be livestream from November 6 at 2pm PT (5Pm ET). The livestream can either be watched later or on Facebook. Zuckerberg stated that he would answer as many questions in an hour and will go through as many as possible.

“Ask me a question in the comments, or vote on a question you want me to answer it by liking it,” said Zuckerberg in the official Q&A event Facebook page.

Even though the Facebook CEO holds regular Q&A sessions with his employees for motivating good rapport with higher authorities, this is the first time he will be talking with the social-networking users. He also posted that it was a part of Facebook culture, helps t answer thoughtful questions and helps the company to improve the services.

The Q&A session will be different from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions that have featured celebrities and famous people including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. President Barack Obama’s session in AMA drove heavy traffic to the site in a session that lasted for 40 minutes and caused the site to crash several times. Mr. Obama answered about 10 questions during the session ranging from internet freedom to intergalactic travel.

The CEO of world’s largest social network has been increasingly involved in public events where he paid a visit to India for an Internet.org initiative. He later visited China and impressed students by speaking in Mandarin.

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  1. Ask Zuckerberg… Do you think facebook could be held liable in the.
    event of a dominipede (multiple, simultaneous human stampedes)?
    Considering it's real-time, social media component, it's highly probable that facebook would be an unintentional contributor to such an asymmetric national security disaster. The big concern here is the NFL 1 o'clock slate of games. Think in terms of the modern equivalent of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater — a viral hoax evacuation order or dissemination and saturation of panic-laden information.

    He could prevent this hypothetical outcome by simply getting the word out — LEGITIMATE stadium emergency evacuation orders would NEVER come from your personal cell phone.


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