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Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone ‘Spiral 1’ In Works Now [Video]

Google is already the top software maker for smartphones. But now it is stepping into hardware by giving you the first of its kind modular mobile, Project Ara. The concept was perceived and worked on by Google as a dream. The goal was personalization of devices, both physically and functionally.xl_xl_Motorola-Project-Ara-624

The dream phone for many who feel that such level of freedom can be a stepping stone to a new smartphone future. Google like its other innovation has appointed special designers, engineers and researchers for this project to reach its current stage. The prototype unveiling is surely a result of an engineering and design marvel that the concept foretold everyone.

Project Ara is becoming a reality, as Google showcased its working prototype to the world. The Spiral 1 is a device made of different blocks. These blocks can be detached and fixed as per your taste and feature requirements.

The project is named after the lead engineer Ara Knaian, who conceptualized and worked with a team to bring this to reality. Blocks like for camera, speakers, storage, keyboards, batteries etc. have been developed for you to customize this phone.

Ara Knaian, Head of Project Ara explains Spiral 1 was focused on fulfilling this dream and producing a working physical prototype. There is not much for developers to do in Spiral 1. But going forward they are launching a brand new Spiral 2 at the developers conference in January.

Achieving modularity is a great step, but for developers who are keen on adding specific functionality, Spiral 2 is something they should look out for. Ara also thanked Toshiba for creating custom chips for the Spiral series devices, which will give more space for additional functionality in the phone’s frame.

Check out the physical prototype of Project Ara, the Spiral 1 in the video:

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