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Twitter takes one step ahead for IPO

Twitter, a well-known social networking website recently filled a public offering with US regulators. The previous year, Facebook took same action and started selling shares of their company. It looks like twitter is on the same path.

Twitter is preparing to issue IPO, check out here what Twitter said on it’s official twitter account:


As per the reports it has been come to news that the revenue which twitter filled is less than $1 billion. The seven year old social networking website which is like a drug for most of the people out there which includes celebrities, corporations has been proved as an indispensable tool for the US government. The stocks of Facebook have been reached at max of $45 this week whereas in July is was $38 only.

Some of the private investors have claimed that twitter is valued for not less than $10 billion. Maxx Wolf of Greencrest Capital says “It’s completely conquered mobile. It has an enormous social network. It’s becoming a key utility as a second screen to TV and it’s literally the first draft of history,” He also added that “Normally a company like Twitter would have been public for some time,”

Twitter’s investor, Jack Dorsey made the first tweet in the year 2006 and at present there are more than 200 million registered Twitter users. These users make more than 400 million posts each day. The main sources of making money by Twitter are via ads, targeted advertisements, and user generated content. Twitter also makes money via in-stream ads via mobile phone which takes it one step ahead.

Nate Elliot who is an analyst said “There was a lot of concern about whether they’d ever be able to insert advertising into their site, They’ve shown it can be effective. They offer in many ways better measurement for marketers than larger companies like Facebook.”

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