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Samsung vs Microsoft: Battle Over Royaltee on Android Patents Continues

Samsung and Microsoft have had one of the worst Patent related law fights of the recent times. We have one party stating that Samsung violated the agreement by stopping the issue of regular payments and on the other hand Samsung blames Microsoft over royalties on Android patents.Samsung and Microsoft continue their battle over patents

The rumors are that Samsung initially stopped paying Microsoft as the company thought that the patents that Microsoft pointed at were not viable enough for the huge sums of money. There has been a lot of talk about what is the real issue of distrust leading to such acquisitions between the two tech giants of the world.

In a very recent statement, Samsung has pointed to the fact that the company does not actually worry about the viability of Microsoft’s patents. Instead, the main issue behind the initiation of the trouble is the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. According to the company, if Samsung still continued to pay Microsoft after the Nokia deal had been completed, they would have been accused of antitrust violations. The experts are not shocked by the ongoing rally of accusation between the two giants and also fear that things could very well get dirtier.

According to the initial deal between Samsung and Microsoft, Samsung was supposed to pay Microsoft for Android Patent royalties as Microsoft had promised to allow Samsung to develop Windows Phones. The deal also included a statement where Microsoft would reduce the price in case, Samsung could sell a certain fixed number of Windows smartphones. The deal supposedly continued for a small period during which Samsung could only launch one model; Samsung ATVI S.

Samsung has already paid over a billion dollars as a royalty to Microsoft. The company believes that as soon as Microsoft joined hands with Nokia, their deal was automatically closed. On the other hand, Microsoft believes that the case that they have put forward is strong enough to bring in a victory!

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