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Android tops the chart with a 84% market share, iOS slips to 12.3%

The dominance of Android and Google over the sphere of Smartphones is undoubted as the pair has again topped the charts in the third quarter of the year. With approximately 84% of the smartphones exported and imported all across the world belonging to the Android family, Android and Google have held on to the top position for quite a few consecutive quarters now. According to the analysts, the statistics completely show the kind of user preference that Android gets from all across the globe.smartphone-market-share

Well, this surely does not mean that other system have failed miserably. The launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus along with the new Operating System for Mac, Apple has injected a new life in its dying veins.

Although, the results do not reflect much considering the vast field that Android works with, but it has been good enough to hold Android’s growth to 84%. According to the statement of a senior analyst, Apple Inc. and its products have ensured that Google and Android do not march away with better records in the third quarter and in the coming quarter as well.

When we are speaking of the magnanimous volume of share held on to by Android, it will be interesting to look at the statistics of Windows and Blackberry. In the third quarter of 2014, Apple devices hold on to approximately 12% of the market share, whereas Windows and Blackberry have 3% and 1% respectively.

According to the experts, the main reason behind the explicit growth of Android is the lucrative applications provided by Google. In addition, Android is available for free to most of the device makers in comparison to iOS and Windows Operating Systems. It is believed that only iOS can really compete with Android, but when, where and how remains to be seen yet!

Earlier, Strategy Analytics reported that the global smartphone shipments has seen a 27 percent growth annually to 320 million devices in Q3 2014. The strong demand from emerging markets, including the Middle East, Asia and Africa steered the smartphone sales growth.

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