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Microsoft Azure team to make PaaS oriented towards ‘micro services’ in its cloud

Microsoft’s Azure team is rolling out announcements about the recent services, features and the partnership that they have gone through at a tremendous rate. What has caught the thoughts of various individuals is that the majority of the announcements made by Microsoft’s Azure team have been aimed at the IaaS and its services, instead of directly speaking about Microsoft Cloud. The general thought that has developed is that Microsoft is looking to move away from its original objective involving the platform-as- a-service.windows-

Negating the statement, the Chief Technical Officer at Microsoft Azure has stated that what the people are thinking is not at all true. Historically, the PaaS service was the main and suited service for the new applications. The IaaS service was later added to Microsoft’s Azure in the year 2012 which allowed applications developed for virtual systems based on Windows Server or Linux.

On the other hand, the truth is that with the introduction of IaaS services for applications for Virtual machines, has primarily boosted the growth Microsoft Cloud among the users. Thus, it is quite obvious that Microsoft will pay special heed to IaaS. The general thought in this case is that due to the upsurge of IaaS, PaaS is being neglected.

In a statement, Microsoft Azure’s Chief Technical Officer Mark Russinovich has stated that Azure is working hard internally to bring around the fate of PaaS. According to the reports, Microsoft’s engineering team is currently looking forward to make PaaS more oriented towards ‘micro-services’.

Mr. Mark explained that the people working on PaaS are trying to make the infrastructure oriented PaaS develop and changed into tiny service pieces, which will allow the users a different area to explore. He also added that we might very well see the changes next year as PaaS will enter a very new horizon.

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