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3.3 million PS4 consoles sold in Q2 2014, still Sony reports operating loss

According to Sony’s Q2 2014 financial results, Sony’s Game and Network services sector have increased 83.2 percent, while comparing to previous year-over-year revenue and results in q2 revenue of $2.77 billion. The income report says that the Playstation 4 has played major role in bringing revenue for the company.sony-store-japan

The sales have been increased from 74% year-to-year of the last quarter to 83.2% year-to-year sales and the calculation are specially designed to eradicate the effects due to the rate fluctuations.

Sony Financial reports says,

“This significant increase was primarily due to the contribution from PS4 hardware sales”, “a significant increase in network services revenue related to the introduction of the PS4 and the contribution from PS4 software sales, partially offset by a decrease in PlayStation 3 (‘PS3’) hardware and PS3 software sales.”

The Sony Game and Network services have reported for an operating income of $200 million and in the same quarter last year, Sony has had an operating loss of $37.62 million. Sony Playstation 4 has boosted up the sales revenue for the company and the incomes was comparatively higher than the predicted revenue.

“Due to the favorable impact on the foreign exchange rates” as well as the excellent performance of the PS4, Sony S&NS sales and operating incomes will be more than its predicted amount in July. As a whole, the company has reached $17.45 billion and 7.5 % year-over-year, also the company has reached significant increase in G&NS.

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