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HP launches Sprout desktop PC without a keyboard and a 3D printer

HP has unveiled its two new products viz., 3D printer and 3D desktop computer for its consumers. These are the products of the HP printing and PC division, which is going to split into a new company next year, as HP to sell the majority of its 51 percent stake in H3C Technologies.hp-3d-printer

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology:

HP has planned to deliver a 3D printer for the consumers in the  year of 2016 and it will produce three dimensional images with excellent colors as well as with thermal and electrical properties. HP claims that the new printer will be ten times faster than the current printers with selective laser sintering and fused deposition modeling.

Ramon Pastor, vice president and general manager of HP’s large format printing business in an interview

“This speed will really help us put 3D printing in more applications and in more and more cases,” “For example, to print 1,000 gears using HP’s multi jet printer, it would take 3 hours, when under laser sintering it would take 38 hours to print that amount of gears,.”


HP Sprout Desktop PC:

HP unveiled an all-in-one desktop that will be available in the stores next month with a price tag of $1,899. The next-gen desktop computer comes with 23-inches of diagonal screen, four-camera sensor system with a projector and a scanner. The device comes with 20 point touch pad, which replaces the mouse or a keyboard.

The all new all-in-one desktop will helpful in all sorts of areas such as advertisements, development, presentations and so on.

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