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Apple CEO Tim Cook motivates LGBT community, reveals himself as a gay

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has revealed his sexuality publicly that he was “proud to be gay” in a move to help people struggling to protect their identity. Mr. Cook even urged the state of Alabama to ensure the rights of transgender and gay people in a speech.tim-cook-1

Though Cook has always been open about his sexuality and it was widely speculated that he was gay, this was the first time he publicly acknowledged. He even mentioned that it was among the greatest gift god has given me. He added that it was not an easy task to publicly announce his sexuality.

Mr. Cook said “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” a quote by Martin Luther King, a civil rights campaigner.

The Apple CEO will be now an inspiring icon for gay, transgender and other communities who fight for equal rights in America and other countries. Earlier, it was speculated that the employees at Apple already knew about Cook’s sexuality. This bold move to announce this will have no effect on the company’s booming global business.

However, most people in his native Alabama feel that the Chief Executive should have kept his sexual orientation to himself. Mayor of Robertsdale, Charles Murphy stated that he would have preferred to hear about Mr. Cook’s achievements rather than hearing his private affairs. The Chief Executive was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor on Monday where he stresses the need for equal rights for gays and minorities.

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have tough laws against homosexuality while countries like India and China do not provide any legal protections for LGBT communities. With a range of celebrities, business personalities and public personalities coming in the open by revealing their sexual orientations, Mr Cook has become the latest addition to the same for supporting these communities.

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