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Microsoft’s iPad trade-in will give you $200 or more for Surface tablets

If you feel that your iPad doesn’t comes with the features and flexibility of Microsoft’s Surface tablets and if you want to go for the better lifestyle with more options, then you should give your Apple iPad for the gift card worth $200 and more to buy Microsoft’s gadgets. You have to go to the Microsoft store near you for the cash-in.


Microsoft has added this deal details silently to it’s Microsoftstore.com “amazing deals” page, without any advertisements or marketing. According to the page, thee deal will offer a gift card worth $200 or more to iPad tablet users, who trade-in their tablet to buy Surface or any other products from the store.

Only iPad 2 and higher version of the tablet can be trade-in and the deal will be ending on October 27th, 2013. Before bringing the device, make sure you bring the power cord and don’t remove the password protection from the device. Although this program doesn’t force you to buy the Microsoft Surface tablets, it has given the price tag of the 2 versions of their Windows tablets below the page, which includes Surface RT starts at $349 and the more powerful Surface Pro with Intel processor starts at $799.

Do you think, this deal is worth trading your iPad to the Microsoft? Please have your say i the comments below.

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